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Infiniti Q50 Review

Used Infiniti Q50 in Atlanta, GA


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Infiniti Q50

The Infiniti Q50 is a compact luxury sedan with design roots following that of the Infiniti Essence Concept. As of 2013, the Infiniti Q50 replaced the Infiniti G Sedan, debuting at the 2013 North American International Auto Show and going up for sale later that year. The Infiniti Q50 has been marketed and sold in the United States, Canada, Europe, China, the Middle East, Australia, and Hong Kong where it is known as the Skyline.

 A History Of Luxury

Infiniti is the luxury motor vehicle branch of its parent automotive manufacturer, Nissan. Founded in 1989, Infiniti has an exuberant marketing network, now including over 230 dealers in over 15 countries. In Japan, Infiniti models have direct equivalents. For example, in the Japanese automotive industry, the Infiniti Q50 is known as the Nissan Skyline. According the Infiniti founders, the Nissan brand was too economy in the United States to possess enough of a "luxury" appeal to retain any sort of success in the automotive market, and so Infiniti was created.

The Lexus and Acura luxury brands were presented at around the same time by Toyota and Honda, and so the competition was fierce. Sales for the Infiniti brand have shown healthy growth since the years marking its origination in 1989, sales in the United States moving from a modest 88,351 luxury vehicles in 1989 to 133,498 in 2015. Roland Kruger is the current president of the global-traversing Infiniti company, who's headquarters are located in central Hong Kong.

 Appearance Over Time

Due to the fact that the Infiniti Q50 is a relatively new series in the Infiniti division, its appearance hasn't really changed that much over the four years of its existence.

However, that's not to say that the appearance of the Infiniti Q50 is dated or lackluster in any way, shape, or form--quite literally. The Infiniti Q50 possesses a semi-compact body design riddled with grooves and aerodynamic contours along its sides, hood, and rear. At first glance, the current model of the Infiniti Q50 resembles a coupe because of the dome shape of its cab, but the Q50 is a four-door sedan.

Infiniti Q50 Exterior
Infiniti Q50 Inventory In Atlanta

The Infiniti Q50 features a simplistic rectangular latticed grilled design with the staple Infiniti logo centered boldly in glinting chrome. Its headlight design is sleek and innovative, sharp-angled and brooding in their symmetrical stretch across the grooved lines of a sporty hood. The Infiniti Q50 imposes a sophisticated state of luxury that manages to be both casual and elite at the same time, a rarefied combination.

 Performance Updates

The current model of Infiniti Q50 still features components that are remnant of the Infiniti Essence: a crescent-cut C-pillar, asymmetrical cabin layout, deep body section. These performance features work for the successful Infiniti Q50, and why fix what isn't broken? Early US and Canada models of include 3.7-liter V6 (333PS), 3.5-liter Hybrid (364PS), each in a choice of rear-wheel drive or Intelligent All- Wheel Drive and in a selection of trim levels, including Sport models.

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The Infiniti Q50 presents its drivers with an infinity of different possibilities. Don't let the opportunity to test drive a used Infiniti Q50 pass you by. Call or visit Atlanta Luxury Motors today to get started.


* Available on most models.

** Extended warranty coverage available - please see finance office for details.