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BMW 3 Series Review

BMW 3-Series in Buford, GA


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BMW 3-Series

 A Brief History

Since 1975, the BMW 3-Series has proven its high ranking among the entry level luxury vehicle class in terms of sales and the way the 3-Series has shaped the modern automotive industry. The BMW 3-Series succeeded the 02-Series, which ended production in 1991. During the first inklings of production, the BMW 3-Series was only available as a two-door sedan, but was later on expanded to include models such as the four-door sedan, the two-door convertible, two-door coupe, five-door station wagon and five-door hatchback body styles.

Early models of the BMW 3-Series were well known for their boxy, angular designs that bordered economy but always sat a step above it. The unique and narrow strip of the rounded front grille possessed two pairs of deep set circular headlights on either side that trademarked the BMW 3-Series aesthetic until the third generation of the BMW 3-Series became available, with its flush rectangular headlight design and compressed grille that gave the BMW 3-Series an unexpected sporty, if not somewhat daring, edge about it.

BMW is a German luxury automotive manufacturer, with roots stretching back all the way to 1916, only two years after the genesis of World War I. BMW is deeply rooted within the military, and the automotive manufacturer is also known for its production of motorcycles, and--in the years of and around its origin--aircraft engines. However, in accordance to the Versailles Armistice Treaty, BMW was forced to cease all productions of their aircraft engines. The history of BMW and its owners and stockholders is relatively complex, as lots of merges with other companies have occurred along with a few close encounters with bankruptcy. Today, however, BMW is marvelously successful, with a production output of nearly 2.5-million vehicles in the year 2015 alone.

 Appearance Over Time

Whether you're an automotive guru or not, identifying a BMW on the road is an easy task. The overall physicality of the BMW 3-Series design is as distinct as it is domineering, a car that holds its own standards and does with great success. The current model in the 3-Series, the F30/F31, features for the first time a turbocharged engine.

In terms of its overall aesthetic, the BMW 3-Series is chiseled to the point of near-intimidation. The rounded compact body of the car is riddled with the hardened angles of a robust trim design, giving the 3-Series model a look of unprecedented aerodynamic ability.

BMW 3-Series Exterior
BMW 3-Series Inventory In Buford, GA

The front grille of the car is sleek and imposing, possessing an incredibly sharp LED headlight design juxtaposing the classic BMW 3-Series grille which remains relatively unchanged. The front bumper features a new and finely contoured grille with angles even sharper than the LED headlights above it, and the 3-Series looks absolutely fierce.

 Performance Updates

Although the 3-Series has relatively maintains the same performance specs, the F30/F31 comes equipped with a turbocharged engine, and in 2016 was gifted with a plug-in hybrid drivetrain unseen in previous models.

As always, BMW takes the extra mile. The cousin BMW M3 is the most powerful version of the 3-Series, and is equipped with more powerful and responsive engines, improved handling and braking systems, and more. The BMW M3 is the only car to have earned more titles than the revered Porsche 911 in Motorsport, and also is the most successful touring, and grand touring car ever to have participated in racing. Not to mention that the aesthetic of the BMW M3 darkly lavish, a highly stylized sports car that is reminiscent of a Marvel gothic thriller.

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* Available on most models.

** Extended warranty coverage available - please see finance office for details.